About our School

What is the StudentCouncil?

The Student Council is a group of children who are elected by their classmates who meet regularly and work collaboratively to represent the students of Northside Primary School.

Who can be a member of the Student Council?

At the beginning of each term, one student will be elected from each Std 1-7 class to join Student Council as an afternoon activity. Students who are a part of the Student Council must demonstrate great commitment and responsibility to taking action within the school community.

How long can you be a member of the Student Council?

Std 1-7: You may be a member of the Student Council for 1 term or you may join in consecutive terms.


What will you expect being a member of the Student Council?

  • Identifying roles and responsibilities for the Student Council.
  • Leading discussions during ‘Discussion Assemblies’ where you will encourage discussions and take notes of student concerns and suggestions.
  • Creating ‘Action Plans’ and ‘Action Groups’ to address students concerns to improve the school community and environment.
  • Volunteering to help at school events.
  • Taking action in the wider community e.g. BSPCA.
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