School Uniform

The image of our school is affected, either positively or negatively, by the appearance and behaviour of our students. We rely on the support and common-sense of our parents to assist us to ensure that our children look smart at all times.

When students arrive at school or leave school, they must wear their full school uniform or P.E kit. When leaving school after swimming training, students wear their PE kit and may wear slip slops. Parents are asked to ensure that students are correctly and neatly dressed if they are wearing their Northside uniform in a public place.

The Uniform Shop is located next to the standard 7 classrooms. Opening times are Tuesday and Thursday (12.00 noon – 2.00 pm) during term time only. Holiday opening times will be advertised in advance at the end of each term.

We urge parents to mark all clothing clearly. Lost property is difficult to return if unmarked.The website reflects the style of shoes and sandals that needs to be worn to school. The Green Cross style in brown is advisable.

We rely on the support and common sense of parents regarding the neatness and appropriateness of students’ hairstyles while at Northside School. Hair must be kept clean, tidy and off the face. Hair should be a natural colour and no hair gel is permitted. It is at the Headteacher’s discretion at all times to require a students’ hairstyle to be modified.

Students are expected to bring a hat/cap to school each day. Hats are to be worn when students go out to break, when they go for Physical Education outside or when they attend afternoon activities. Hairstyles need to accommodate the wearing of a school hat or cap. It is the responsibility of the students to wear their hats during break time and afternoon activities.

Shoulder length (or longer) hair must be tied back and free of any ornamentation, except for black, brown, blue or white elastic bands or clips. No bright coloured alice-bands or coloured baubles are to be worn. Beaded hairstyles are not allowed. Hair must be clean and neat.

Extreme lengths or styles i.e. Mohawk, stepped/artistically shaven designs on head, oversized afros that do not allow students to wear a cap/hat are not permitted. Braided hair, as with any hair cut or style, must be clean and neat.

Health and a safety is a priority. Fashion jewellery is not allowed. A religious jewellery symbol (necklace) when worn must not be visible. No ‘religious’ jewellery may be worn during sporting events. Any other religious jewellery symbols must be authentic and reflect the religion of the individual.


Finger and toenails must be kept clean and short and may not be painted. Children will be expected to remove nail polish.


Girls may wear plain gold or silver studs or sleepers with one hole per ear lobe

Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are not allowed at school and must be removed before children come to school.