The PTA plays an active role in the life of the school.The objectives of the Association are to serve the interests of Northside Primary School by:

Working with the Headteacher to provide and donate to the school such facilities as may be necessary for the sound education of the students, in addition to the facilities provided by the School Council and to pursue any other activities conducive to the welfare and education of the students at the school.

Endeavouring to raise funds by subscription or by such fund-raising projects as are necessary to achieve the above.

The Northside School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) strives to create an environment that will enable our students to excel.

We raise funds through various events throughout the year and ensure that those funds are used for the benefit of the students. Some examples of our donations to the school include iPads, donations to the library, AstroTurf for the playgrounds, playground equipment, pool starter gun, sports kit for the netball and soccer teams and thatched shade gazebos. Thank you to the Northside Community, the parents and teachers for helping us make our school better for our kids.

If you would like to volunteer or have great ideas please contact Elaine 72302335 or