All schools in Southern Botswana fall under the auspices of the Southern CHOPS Sports Association (SCSA), where each sporting code is represented by a chairperson and supported by a committee. The schools then receive specific guidelines that all schools need to adhere to when participating in fixtures, etc. The SCSA sets all fixtures; these dates are then passed onto the schools. The schools confirm fixtures on a weekly basis.

If your child has been chosen to represent a team at Northside in any of our afternoon activities, they will receive a letter stating the date, venue and time of the fixture at least two days before the event. Should it be a fixture that is at another school, the letter will have an indemnity attached to it, which must be signed by you as the parent and returned to the coach the day before the event. These fixtures can be played as far afield as Jwaneng. The day before the fixture, a team list is placed up on the sports board so that the students and parents are able to see who is in the team. The sports board is currently outside the hall by the tuckshop.

In some codes, the students are given Northside kit to wear. This kit needs to be worn for the match and directly after the match it has to be returned to the coach and the students are expected to change back into their PE kit. No Northside sports kit may be taken home as unfortunately it results in us having incomplete sets at the end of a season. After any swimming practice or gala students have to put their P.E. kit over their costumes and are allowed to wear slops. No student may leave Northside with a towel wrapped around him or her. All our team swimmers are required to wear a Northside swimming cap for all practices and galas. No cap no swim! Northside believes strongly in keeping up our appearance amongst the community, therefore no jewelry, nail polish or tattoos are allowed when participating in any sporting events including our own co-curricular program.

Our Northside A teams are selected from the players that will best represent Northside based on the skill, effort, ability, attitude and sportsmanship. This is at the discretion of the coaches. Where other schools can accommodate a B team, there will be matches organized to give as many students as possible an opportunity to play. If this is not possible, then coaches may organize a match amongst the students that always come to practices to expose them to match conditions.

Southern schools sports that are offered at Northside need to take preference over private activities. Our aim is to teach our students that once they are committed to a sport they need to follow through with that commitment until the co-curricular programme ends. If your child is in standard 5 and is 12 years or in standard 6 or 7 playing in a Southern Schools sport at Northside, he/she may be selected to represent Northside in trials for that particular code. If they get selected for the Southern Schools Team they then represent Southern Botswana in tournaments against Northern Botswana. If your child does swimming, he/she may be selected to attend trials for Southern Schools from U8 through to U13.

I do hope that the above information helps all parents to gain a full understanding of how sport at Northside works. If you have any more queries, please download the sports policy. This policy shares all Northside’s views on sport and gives a general overview on what sport looks like in our school. At times certain activities and fixtures may need to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and in these cases the parents will receive notification.

Please remember that should you have a problem that needs to be addressed, please follow the correct lines of communication, which are:


Mr. Shelton Benzah (Sports Coordinator)

Mrs. Freese (Head of Student and Community Life)

Thank you to all our parents who take the time to support and encourage their children to participate in our co-curricular programme.

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