Health Service

Medical Policy Vaccinations and Immunisations

To protect the health of all of students, the school requires that each student who is enrolled must be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, polio, and measles. Proof of immunization against these diseases must be presented to the school prior to admission.

Prescriptions Administered at School

Please notify the school if your child needs specific medication in the case of emergencies, such as bee stings. Parents must supply written direction as to the administering of the medicine.

Communicable Diseases

Students returning to school after an infectious or contagious illness (listed below), or who have been in contact with such illnesses, are only allowed back on presentation of a medical certificate.

Head licePolio feverImpetigo
Skin soresConjunctivitisGerman measles
Chicken poxWhooping coughDiphtheria

Note: The Headteacher reserves the right to exclude any student from attending school where an infectious or contagious disease is suspected until a medical certificate has been produced approving the student’s attendance at school. If a parent cannot be contacted in an emergency, then the student will be taken immediately to the Gaborone Private Hospital. Parents must ensure that the school has up-to-date information on contact phone numbers and medical aid information.

Returning from an illness

A student returning from an illness must see his or her teachers the first day back at school to determine the work that was missed. Students who are absent are responsible for getting homework from either the teacher or other students in class and to make sure that all missed work due to absence is completed.

Parents are required to inform the school of the reasons for their child’s absenteeism.

Minor Illnesses and Injuries

Everyday cuts, grazes, bruises are treated at the office. Surgical gloves are used when treating cuts and abrasions; all members of staff are allocated gloves for use in classroom emergencies. Playground staff must carry a first aid kit while on duty. A number of staff have full first-aid qualifications, updated each year.