General Info

 School Facilities and Locale
The classroom buildings are arranged along four corridors. The large classrooms open onto veranda passageways. A separate reception block of three classrooms is arranged around a covered multipurpose area. All classrooms have air coolers.

Facilities include:

  • assembly hall with stage and lighting equipment
  • gymnasium
  • 25m swimming pool/learner pool
  • library
  • 2 music rooms
  • Student Support Services department / dedicated classroom
  • computer laboratory
  • sports field
  • 2 tennis courts
  • pavilion with changing rooms and kitchen
  • Botswana traditional house
  • 2 multipurpose areas under cover
  • multi-purpose astroturf
  • astro basketball court

There are four designated play areas; one for Reception, one for Std 1, one for Std 2/3 and the school field for juniors

Student Body
Current enrollment stands at 550. There are 34 different nationalities represented within our school at the present time.

The School Council
The School is managed by the School Council which comprises representatives from the parent body, Founder Member / Debenture companies and the Ministry of Education.

The Headteacher initiates and establishes overall policy regarding the day-to-day and long-term organisation and administration of the school, as approved by the School Council.

There is a well-qualified and experienced teaching staff led by the School Management team. The Council, with the staff and parents strives to provide the best educational opportunities for all the students who attend NPS.

School Council meetings are held once a month and the Annual General Meeting of the Northside Primary School Council is held each April.

The professional staff is selected from among the best candidates in the highly competitive teaching market and join us from home countries including South Africa, The United Kingdom, Canada, America, Australia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and our host country, Botswana.

Class Sizes
There are three classes in Reception – Standard 6, labelled A, B and C for convenience. Class numbers vary with up to 24 in each. There are two classes in Standard 7. A teacher aide is allocated to each class from Reception to Standard 2.

Daily Schedules
School Hours:
Reception 7h25 – 12h30 All 3 terms

Standards 1 – 7 7h25 – 13h00 All 3 terms

Students are expected to be in their classrooms by 7h25.

There is a mid-morning break for 25 minutes during the morning. Students should bring a snack to eat at that time. Plastic containers must be used for drinks and food storage. These must be labelled.

Lunch hour is between 13h00 and 14h00. No Early Years student should remain at school unsupervised during this time. Parents are welcome to bring lunch to eat with their children.

A member of the management team remains on duty until 17h30 Monday to Thursday. The school does not take responsibility for students who are left at school after these hours or on days not specified.

Activities taking place outside specified hours are the responsibility of the staff member involved.

School Office Hours
Administrative staff are on duty in the School Office 7h20 – 16h30 Monday to Thursday and 7h20 – 13h00 on Fridays.

Early closing
School closes at 12h00 on the day before a National Public holiday is celebrated and a long weekend has been declared. School closes at 10h00 on the last day of each school term.

Co-curricular Activities
There is a variety of lunchtime and after-school clubs and activities run by the school and outside agencies. School activities are offered from Monday – Friday. There are a variety of team, as well as non-competitive sports, plus art, drama, music, computer club, judo and dance. Activities offered are dictated by student interest, staff expertise and sport league commitments.

Private, independent coaches offer some of these activities. Private lessons are payable directly to the coaches.

Co-curricular activity schedules are sent to parents by the second week of the school term. Activities start around 14h00 and are usually finished by 16h30, although some may continue until 17h30 depending on the season.

The library is open until 16h30 on Mondays to Thursdays. Reception and Standard 1 students may borrow books if accompanied by a parent. Juniors use the library to browse, complete homework assignments and borrow books between or after activities.

Teacher aides are on duty when necessary in the Early Years Play Area from 14h00 – 16h30 on days of Early Years Afternoon Activity. Parents are requested to collect their child promptly after their last activity.

Students participating in co-curricular activity on a particular day should have attended school on that day. If their activity begins later in the afternoon, they will be sent to ‘Home Base’ where they will need to read quietly or complete homework. This will be under the supervision of a teacher/ teacher aide. The ‘Home Base’ venue is the library. Should you collect your child between 2.30 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. you will find them in the library. Should your child be doing an activity between 2.30 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. they will attend their activity and then they will need to return to ‘Home Base’.

Children who are at school in the afternoon will be involved in an activity. Should you be unable to collect your child at 4.30 p.m. you will need to commit to the option of supervised aftercare, which will run from 4.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. Monday to Thursday.

Children who have been absent from school for the day may not attend co-curricular activities in the afternoon.

Yearbook and School Photographs
During the year a school photographer provides colour school photographs of individual students, as well as class and sports team photos. Parents purchase the photographs on a pre-payment basis.

The Yearbook will be available in the course of the following year.